How and Where do I pay my Taxes?
• There are multiple ways in which you can make your property tax payment.

1. You can mail in your tax payments. When mailing in your payment please include your parcel number for each parcel you are paying. The Gooding County mailing address is:

Gooding County Treasurer's Office
P.O. Box 326
Gooding, Idaho, 83330

2. You can bring in your tax payment in person to the Gooding County Treasurer’s Office. The Treasurer’s Office is located at:

145 7th Avenue East
Gooding, Idaho, 83330

3. You can drop your payment in our drop box. Located at 145 7th Avenue East, Gooding, Idaho on the North/West side of the building. The drop box is for payments made with checks only.

4. You can pay your taxes online. Go to the Pay Online Menu and click on the link provided.

5. You can pay over the phone with our automated phone system. Go to the Pay Online Menu to find the automated phone system phone number.

6. You can set up your Online Bill Pay to pay your taxes*. When you set up your Bill Pay payment, you will use your parcel number for the account number. For the payment address, you will use: P.O. Box 326, Gooding, Idaho, 83330.
If you have any questions setting up your payment you can contact your bank for help.

*REMEMBER that Online Payments are posted on the day they are received. Please pay attention to payment dates around due dates. If your payment is received after the due date it will be considered late. It is recommended that you make your payment well in advance of the due date.

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