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The original item was published from 1/24/2022 4:10:00 PM to 1/24/2022 4:13:24 PM.

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Posted on: January 24, 2022

[ARCHIVED] REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS Construction Manger/General Contractor (CM/GC Services)




Gooding County (“Owner”) is seeking responses from licensed firms in good standing as Idaho Public Works Contractors and Idaho Public Works Construction Managers to provide their qualifications to perform CM/GC services in accordance with Idaho Code, 54-4511 (2).   The project that the Owner intends to construct is the Gooding County Courthouse Modernization and Jail Expansion. 

Additional information and the Qualification Packet may be picked up at the office of the Gooding County Commissioners, 624 Main Street, Gooding, Idaho 83330 or viewed at

This Request for Qualifications is not a contract or a commitment of any kind by Gooding County and does not commit the County to award a contract.

Formal sealed responses to this RFQ will be accepted in the office of the Gooding County Commissioners until 3:00 PM (MST), Friday February 11, 2022.   Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.  All submissions will be opened by the Gooding County Board of County Commissioners on February 14, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners’ Conference Room, 624 Main Street, Gooding, ID 83330.

Dated this 20th Day of January 2022.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  /s/_Mark E. Bolduc_____

Mark E. Bolduc, Chairman


_/S/ Denise M. Gill___________________

Denise M. Gill, Clerk

Posted: January 24, 2022





            1.         The Project:  

                        a.         The Project (the "project") shall consist of the modernization of a courtroom, judge’s chamber, clerk’s office, restrooms, breakrooms and office space in the existing courthouse.  The front entry will be enclosed and converted to clerk office space, and two entry vestibules to the courthouse.  A Jail Addition will be provided for an additional 15 inmates and will include a new restroom and shower.  The existing outdoor recreation area will be covered.  Additional Site fencing will be provided around the new jail addition.   Fire Sprinkler system will be provided throughout the facility.  New HVAC units with HEPA filters will be provided.

The selected Architect for the project is:

            Laughlin Ricks Architecture LLC

            134 3rd Ave E

            Twin Falls, Idaho 83301




Throughout the project, the CM/GC shall provide the Owner with professional construction management services and represent Gooding County’s interests in completing the project on time, within budget, and as planned with a minimum of difficulties.  It is anticipated that AIA Document A133-2009 (the Form Contract) will form the basis of agreements for CM/GC Services to be entered into for the Work; provided however, the County reserves the right to change, modify or amend the Form Contract in formulating the final contract to be entered into by the Owner.  CM/GC services shall include, but are not limited to, predesign and design services, value engineering services during the design phase, construction services throughout project completion including project closeout and warranty periods.  For purposes of this RFQ, proposers should describe their qualifications to provide CM/GC Services as those services are described in the Form Contract.




Responses must include the following information in this sequence.   Respondents are invited to include innovative methods and/or capabilities and cost efficiencies may be identified.  For each of the specific areas listed below, your responses should include a description of the responder's qualification to serve as a CM/GC for this project.


Written Requirements for Responses to Request for Qualifications


             Cover Letter (limit to one page)


             Complete the "CM Information: Attachment A as provided on Part G


1.      COMPANY PROFILE:  Describe your firm's history, size, resources, philosophy of service,              typical volume of work, financial stability, and basic construction management techniques and methods.  Include your home office support staff by name, position, and provide a flow chart of how pay requests will be received, approved, and prepared for payment.  Describe how your particular expertise, experience and/or techniques can be an advantage to the Owner in completing the project.                                          (10-30 PTS.)


 2.        PROJECT APPROACH: Describe your approach to providing CM Services describe in the Form Contract.  A) Preconstruction Services, B) Construction Services as a CM/GC.  Discuss how you would provide leadership to facilitate teamwork and communications among all parties involved in the project.  C)  Identify personnel to whom construction management responsibility will be assigned, by names, titles, roles, qualifications, experience, and resumes.     D) Provide an organizational chart clearly identifying proposed staffing.                                                                                                                           (10-30 PTS.)

3.   TOTAL PROJECT BUDGET CONTROL.  Submit detailed descriptions of how your firm provides and periodically updates construction cost estimates and participation in Value Management during project design, and successfully tracks and reports construction costs, including line item costs for each bid package, fees, permits, reimbursable costs, CM/GC fees, and all other project costs.                                                                      (10-30 PTS.)


4.      SCHEDULING.  Describe the primary scheduling techniques you use and the software you will employ to produce an effective construction schedule.  Provide examples of successful construction management and scheduling services provided on complex, multi-phase projects.  Discuss in detail how you intend to enforce contract schedule compliance.                                                                                                                      (10-30 PTS.)


5.     PAST PERFORMANCE.  Name three (3) recent projects of similar size and scope that demonstrate your firm’s ability to successfully complete this project.  Provide evidence that these projects were completed on schedule and within budget.  Include a current letter of reference from the Owner of each project.                               ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..(10-40 PTS.)


6.       REFERENCES:  Provide references which should include name, address, and phone number of a person who can be contacted regarding the company’s performance on the project.     The Owner will consider information from the contacts and past references provided by the respondent in considering which firm to select to perform work.                 (10-30 PTS.)


Total written proposal points possible = 190 PTS


7.        INTERVIEWS:    CM/GC may be asked to make a presentation covering their relevant experience, their understanding of the project’s requirements and their own approach to providing CM/GC services.                                                                                       (20-50 PTS.)




1.   Written responses to the RFQ will be accepted in the office of the Gooding County Commissioners until 3:00 PM (MST), Friday February 11, 2022

2.   Submittals shall include (1) original and 5 hard copies of the proposal.  The original and hard copies must be dated and signed by a duly authorized partner or corporate officer.  Proposals must be sealed and clearly marked:  


3.   Responses shall include a copy of each submitter's current Construction Manager and Public Works Contractor Licenses and Certificate of Authority from the Idaho Secretary of State demonstrating that the submitter entity has a current construction manager license, is lawfully in existence and is in good      standing in the State of Idaho.

               4.   All questions regarding this RFQ must be directed to Denise Gill, County Clerk

      624 Main Street, Gooding, IDAHO 83330, Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Phone 208-934-4841, Email:   


            1.         RFQs will be available commencing the 27th of January 2022 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday at 624 Main Street, Gooding, ID 83330.

            2.         Deadline for receipt of the responses is 3:00PM (MST) 11th day of February 2022 at 624 Main Street, Gooding, ID 83330. Proposals received after            deadline will not be considered. 

3.         Gooding County Commissioners will evaluate all responses.  From this evaluation the Owner may select a construction manager for the project or elect to interview certain submitters for the project.   All persons or entities who submit responses to this Request for Qualifications will be notified when the Owner has chosen to hire CM/GC for the Project. 


            1.         GENERAL TERMS -- This RFQ does not commit the Owner to enter into an  agreement, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal or in      subsequent negotiations, or to procure or contract for any Project. 

            2.         REVISIONS TO RFQ -- In the event that it is necessary to revise any part of the       RFQ, timely addenda will be issued via email to those firms that have    requested a copy of the RFQ.             

3.         RESERVATION OF RIGHTS BY OWNER -- The issuance of       this RFQ does not constitute an assurance by the Owner that any contract will actually be entered into by Gooding County. 

            4.         Owner reserves the rights to: 

  • Waive any informalities or irregularities and reject any or all responses received as a result of this RFQ; 
  • Negotiate the scope of services, contract terms and compensation for GM/GC services to be provided;
  • Conduct investigations required to determine the respondent's performance record and ability to perform the work specified as part of the RFQ;  

By responding to this request, each respondent agrees that any finding by the Owner, any fact in dispute as to this proposal or the responses thereto shall be final and conclusive except as provided herein. 

PROPREITARTY MATERIAL -- Owner assumes no liability for disclosure or proprietary material submitted by respondents. Proposal submittals may be considered public documents under applicable state law except to extend portions of the submittals are otherwise protected under applicable law. 


ATTACHEMENT A - PROPOSAL FORM                                                                                                                              The proposer makes the following statements and representations as part of the  proposal: 


1.         Contact information for your firm's main office as follows:

Firm Name:                   ____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:         ____________________________________________________________


                                    (City, State, Zip)

Physical Address:        ____________________________________________________________


                                    (City, State, Zip)

Telephone:                  ___________________________Fax:_____________________________

E-mail Address:           ____________________________________________________________

2.         Name, title, address, telephone, and fax number of the firm's officer responsible to the   Owner for all work to be provided under this RFQ:

Name/Title:                 ____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:         ____________________________________________________________            


                                    (City, State, Zip)

Physical Address:        ____________________________________________________________


                                    (City, State, Zip)

Telephone:                    ____________________________Fax:_____________________________

E-mail Address            ____________________________________________________________

3.         Please check the appropriate box to identify the legal status of the entity making this       proposal.

            Corporation        Partnership        Limited Liability          Other (explain) 

            Please provide the following license and bond information:

                        Idaho Public Works Construction Management License #:___________, held by                            _____________ (name of licensed CM who will be responsible).                                                        Idaho Public Works Contractor License #: ___________

Performance and Payment Bond Requirements: CM/GC shall provide evidence satisfactory to the Owner of its ability to obtain statutory bonds covering the faithful performance of the Contract and the payment of all obligations arising thereunder in the form and amount prescribed in the Contract Documents.  

4.         Contact information of the office where your project team will be located and from         which the work for this assignment will be conducted, if different than "I."

Firm Name:                 ____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:         ____________________________________________________________


                                       (City, State, Zip)

Physical Address:        ____________________________________________________________


                                    (City, State, Zip)

Telephone:                  ____________________________Fax:____________________________

E-mail Address:           ___________________________________________________________

5.         Provide a letter from Surety for the work you propose on. 

6.         State the contact information for your current insurance company(s) that provides          coverage for your firm in the areas of liability, builder's risk and workers' compensation.

Company Name:         ____________________________________________________________

Agent Name:               ____________________________________________________________

Address:                      ____________________________________________________________


                                    (City, State, Zip)

Telephone:                  _____________________________Fax:___________________________

E-mail Address:           ___________________________________________________________

7.         If you answer yes to any of the following questions, provide complete explanation on a   separate sheet.

            a.         Has any one of your current or former sureties or bonding companies ever been  required to perform under or canceled a bid bond, labor or material payment or         a performance bond issued on your firm's behalf?

                                                                                                Yes         No


            b.         Has your firm ever been denied coverage or had coverage terminated or   cancelled by any insurer during the past five (5) years? (If so, please state the company,      date, reason and specific details.)
Yes     No


            c.         Within the past five (5) years has your current firm or any predecessor                              organization been involved as a party or filed a claim in any bankruptcy, litigation,            mediation or arbitration proceedings?                                                                                                                                                                                                       Yes      No


8.         Name, title and signature of your firm's officer who was responsible for the preparation  and hereby verifies the accuracy of your proposal.

Printed Name:             ____________________________________________________________

Title:                            ____________________________________________________________

Signature:                    ____________________________________________________________

Date:                           ____________________________________________________________


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