Gooding County EMS is a county run ambulance service. We provide emergent prehospital care and transport to persons whom are injured or severely sick in Gooding County. 
To contact us about questions about our service call 934-4015. 
To contact us in an emergency, call 911

Winter Driving Tips

Winter is here and roads are snow covered and slick! Here are a few tips to keep you and others safe while out driving this winter.

  • As always, wear your seat belt
  • If possible, STAY HOME during storms
  • If you have to leave your house during dangerous conditions, SLOW DOWN!
  • If you see emergency lights, SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER
  • Make sure you leave extra time to get where you're going.
  • Leave extra room between you and the car in front of you.
  • Take time to learn how to handle your car in snowy conditions. Use an empty parking lot or back roads to practice driving on slick roads. 
  • Before driving, clear snow or ice off your windows, headlights, and tail lights.
  • Plan for an emergency. Carry a blanket, warm clothing, water, snacks, and an emergency car kit in your vehicle.
Drive safely this winter! Stay safe, slow down, and help those in Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire, as well as yourself and other, get home safely to their loved ones!

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