County Services

Gooding County has the following program to help qualified Gooding County residents with energy assistance:

  • Project Share - A year-round energy assistance program that was started by Idaho Power and is funded by private donations and IdaCorp Shareholders and is administered by The Salvation Army. Gooding County Services represents The Salvation Army in distributing funds to qualified applicants. Primarily, Project Share funds are used for either Idaho Power or Intermountain Gas Company bills. This is a once per year program with the following guidelines:
  • Must be a Gooding County resident.
  • Name must be on bill.
  • Must demonstrate good faith effort of at least partial payments in months preceding assistance.
  • Meet income guidelines.
  • If past due bill exceeds the maximum amount of what the program can assist with, applicants will be advised to seek assistance with other community programs first. 
  • Applicants that meet the requirements must provide the current Idaho Power or Intermountain Gas bill, identification of everyone in the household, along with proof of income.

Rent Assistance

Our office can assist qualified Gooding County residents with (1) one month, per calendar year, rent assistance with the following qualifications:

Gooding County must be the last resource. Check with South Central Community Action and Community Council first.

Must have an eviction notice. 

Attend a personal interview to fill out an application and bring identification, proof of income, or lack of income, assets and all monthly bills. 

Application goes before the board of County Commissioners for a decision. If approved the check will be mailed directly to the landlord.

*THIS IS A PAYBACK PROGRAM, upon approval you will be required to make monthly payments.

Other Resources

South Central Community Action Partnership 208-733-9351

Community Council 734-3336