What are my PAYMENT OPTIONS? Can I make PARTIAL PAYMENTS or get a HEAD START on future taxes?
•There are a few payment options for you.

1.Pay in full: For regular taxes you may pay your taxes in full on or before December 20th. For subsequent billings (sub rolls), you may pay the full year on or before the due date on your bill.
2.Pay halves: You may pay the first half of your taxes on or before December 20th and pay the second half on or before the following June 20th. You may use this payment option also with subsequent billings (sub rolls). The due dates will be on your bill.
3.Prepay: You may prepay your taxes. We can accept multiple or lump sum prepayments. You may use any of the before mentioned payment methods. You will need to pay at least $25 and include your parcel number for reference. Please remember that any amount paid will not be refunded and will need to be used for upcoming taxes.
4.Partial payments: You may make multiple payments toward currently due taxes. Payments may be paid at any time and in any amount. Any payment received will be applied to the oldest due taxes. Again, please include your parcel number with any payment. Once your taxes are past due, your payment will be applied to tax, costs, interest and late charge in the proportion each bears to the total amount due.

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