Is any tax RELIEF available to HOMEOWNERS?
•If you’re a homeowner, you can apply for an exemption on the value of your owner-occupied primary residence, including a manufactured home. The exemption applies to fifty percent of the value of the residence (including up to one acre of land) or to the maximum homeowner’s exemption, whichever is less. Taxes are computed on the nonexempt value. You may also apply for this exemption on your home (not land) if you’re paying occupancy taxes.
•Applications are available from the Gooding County Assessor's when an application is approved, the exemption is continuous as long as you own and occupy the property. Upon change of ownership, the new owner must file a new application.
•No income or age restrictions exist, but you can qualify for an exemption on only one home at a time.
•You must own and occupy your home before April 15 of the current year and must apply for the exemption by April 15.

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