1. Adult Probation

    Probation is a privilege, granted by court-order, that allows a convicted criminal offender to remain in the community under the supervision of a probation officer.

  2. Building Department

    Find helpful information on our building department.

  3. Office of Emergency Management

    Gooding County Disaster Services coordinates resources in the time of a disaster in Gooding County.

  4. Elections

    This is the live version

  5. Extension & 4-H Office

    The University of Idaho Extension, Gooding County office provides research based programs, answers, and consultation on a variety of topics that impact the county, the region, and the state of Idaho.

  6. Fair

    Find information on the county fair.

  7. Indigent Assistance

    Find information on voter registration.

  8. Juvenile Probation

    The State of Idaho Legislative policy states the Juvenile Corrections System will be based on the Balanced Approach: Accountability, Competency Development, and Community Protection.

  9. Planning & Zoning

    The Gooding County Planning & Zoning and Building Department administers the county’s land use and development ordinances.

  10. Public Defender

    The Gooding County Public Defender’s Office provides quality legal representation to indigent individuals who are assigned public defender’s services by the Court.

  11. Rodeo

  12. Weed Control

    Find helpful information on our weed control efforts.

  13. EMS

    Emergency Medical Services