Property Assessments

 In Idaho, assessments are made at 100 percent of market value and are reappraised at least every five years. This means your assessed value is always changing to reflect market influences. Assessment Notices are issued by the first Monday in June, every year. The appeals deadline is always the fourth Monday in June. You are encouraged to review your notice for accuracy and if you do not receive an Assessment Notice or wish to discuss your notice with an appraiser, please contact our office.

For More Information

Assessor Justin Baldwin encourages taxpayers to call or email if they have any questions about their assessments, taxes or property values in general.

For Wendell, or Clear Lakes PUD please contact Jessica Brockman

For Gooding/Personal Property, please contact Teresa Neal.
For Hagerman or Bliss, please contact Brylee Drury.
For splits, combos, deeds or mapping, please contact Corey King.

  1. Corey King

    Deputy Assessor/Mapping & Deeds
    Phone: 208-934-5666

  2. Teresa Neal

    Deputy Assessor (Gooding)/ Personal Property
    Phone: 208-934-5666

  1. Brylee' Drury

    Deputy Assessor (Hagerman-Bliss)
    Phone: 208-934-5666

  2. Hannah Bay

    Deputy Assessor (Wendell)
    Phone: 208-934-5666