Elected Officials

  1. Assessor's Office

    The county assessor has the duty to provide fair and equitable tax assessments, maintain property records, keep plat maps of the county’s parcels and oversee the Gooding County Department of Motor Vehicles.

  2. Clerk, Auditor & Recorder

    Find applicable information for the county clerk's office.

  3. Commissioners

    Learn about the members on board of your county commissioners.

  4. Coroner's Office

    Find helpful information in regards to this office to which includes death records.

  5. District Court

    Find helpful information about your district court.

  6. Magistrate Court

    Find information on this court.

  7. Prosecutor


  8. Sheriff

    The Gooding County Sheriff's office has information for jail visitors and concealed weapons among other areas as well.

  9. Treasurer's Office

    Find helpful information for the treasurer's office.